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Construction and Equipment Consulting specializes in issues concerning construction and equipment, business and family transitions, business plans, evaluations, plan integration, and operation effeciencies for start up to large scale construction and equipment operations. We are not a law firm or accounting firm but assist attorneys and CPA's offering realistic solutions for the construction and equipment industry.

Specialized Consulting for the Construction and Equipment Industries 

Taking your unique situation into consideration we offer a wide range of consulting services.
Equipment With over 40 years of experience in the equipment industry, we specialize in equipment cost evaluation.
Construction Competent experience with a wide range of construction projects allows us to offer our customers real advise on safety, project aquisition, risk analysis, and operations.
Business Transitions We offer our clients real advice on transtions including situation evaluations, generational changes, and risk managment.
Business Plans With the growing need for effective business plans for bonding and finance we offer plan development for current and future businesses.
Operational Efficiencies  Efficient operarations are critical to business success, we offer consulation on a wide variety of operations, increasing our clients bottom line.
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C&E Consulting
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